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AWS entering into Arfican continent. AWS recently announced plans to launch three availability zones in South Africa during the first half of 2020. The new AWS Africa (Cape Town) Region will be the company’s first data center deployment in Africa and could make AWS the first cloud provider to offer this service on the continent.

AWS re:Invent 2018 Key Takeaways: AWS continues to assert market dominance. Amazon S3 is by far the largest and most popular object store. AWS has 3x more encryption then the next cloud provider. AWS Control Tower was announced which helps you set up a multi-account environment or landing zone by using best practice blueprints. AWS Marketplace for Machine Learning with more than 150 models and algorithms for Amazon SageMaker.

Cloud Migration: Is it more expensive and complicated than you thought? Native applications usually weren't built for the cloud. Much of their architecture relying on vertical scaling and infrastructure-level resiliency. With traditional deployment models, enterprises often must choose whether to invest in expensive rewrites or compromise performance with a more simplistic deployment method, according to Forrester.

Microsoft revamps Azure certification : Microsoft announces role-based certifications that prepare you for an career. Role-based certifications help you to better align your skills and proficiencies with your chosen profession.

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