Amazon Document DB is a fully-managed document database service, makes it easy to set up, operate, and scale MongoDB-compatible databases in the cloud. Some of the features include: - DocumentDB is highly elastic which can grow to a massive 64TB in size - The Compute and Memory can be scaled up or down in a few minutes - You can increase the read throughput to support high-volume application requests by creating up to 15 replica instances. This helps in automatic fail-over in the event of instance fail-over - The backup capability in Amazon DocumentDB enables point-in-time recovery which allows you to restore your cluster to any second during your retention period - With 256-bit encryption, AWS is giving you high security on your data Reach out to CCS Academy to learn more on AWS: Search for Cloud Computing, AWS Cloud, AWS Training, AWS Certification, Amazon Compute, Amazon Storage, Elastic Computing, Auto Scaling, Amazon RDS, Amazon DynamoDB for more details.

Posted on: 2019-03-09T03:32:38
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