AWS Launches Cloud Computing In Space Getting satellite information back to Earth is still more troublesome than it ought to be. Satellite service providers that operate on a large scale frequently assemble and run their own ground stations at an expense of up to one million dollars or all the more each. Smaller service providers go for stringent long-term contracts to make use of existing ground stations. Amazon will make space activities bring down expense and more advantageous. Amazon is as of now the global pioneer in cloud computing. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has put billions into his space launch startup Blue Origin. The new worldwide ground station system will consolidate both elements of Amazon cloud and Jeff Bezos’ interest in space. When one is prepared to make use of AWS Ground Station, they will require your satellite’s NORAD ID also known as, Satellite ID, data about your FCC permit, and your AWS account number so they can connect it with your account.

Posted on: 2018-12-12T23:34:26
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