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Do you need a multi-cloud strategy? Quite understandable. Smart companies never put all of its eggs in one basket, even-if it is run by highly reliable companies. There are many reasons for this caution. The main reason is disaster recovery and fail-over. All complex systems experience failure, and in the case where infrastructure fails for one reason or another, having a backup data-center can be critical. Another reason is the vendor-relationship part which is a puzzle. What if your cloud vendor suddenly changes strategy or management. What if they start to consider you as a competitor. Other reasons to go this way include possible government or jurisdictional issues, the potential of a change in a vendor's technology stack breaking your systems, the need to build and practice design abstraction so you have a layer that's not dependent on a vendor's underlying platform Essentially, you need a multi-cloud strategy. Not only it improves disaster recovery and geo-presence, it also provides the ability to use unique cloud-specific services from different providers as they are needed. This approach also gives you the ability to leverage the public cloud benefits of low-cost and unlimited scalability in order to move agile applications to the cloud. Keep in mind it can be challenging to manage your solutions across different cloud environments and from different vendors. If not monitored and controlled properly, operational issues start stacking up at a rapid speed, leading to difficulty in maintaining access control, patching and security updates. Many organisations are therefore turning to a managed cloud services provider to assist them with their multi-cloud solution. By partnering with a trusted partner, companies can avoid many of the pitfalls associated with multi-cloud. Long-term management and maintenance of the multi-cloud deployment can be carried out by the provider, which gives the benefit of round-the-clock support to ensure any issues are promptly resolved.

Posted on: 2019-01-02T17:18:46
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