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Key Capabilities of a Cloud Management Platform: The evaluation of a cloud management platform should be conducted within the context of your current and target operating environments, and with a clear view of your technical requirements and operational objectives. - The platform should provide single-pane visibility over all your cloud accounts, and have reporting and analytics capabilities to support insights into cloud service usage patterns. - It should enable administrators to monitor cloud-based services in order to assist with capacity planning, forecasting, and budgeting, workload deployments, performance and security. - It should provide suitable tools for asset discovery, rightsizing, orchestration, and automation, and preferably support the migration of assets between public and private environments. - Your chosen cloud management platform should offer the capability of automatically tracking cloud spend to specific users in order to generate chargeback and cost allocation reports. - Administrators should be able to enforce policy-based controls on asset cost, asset performance, identity management, and other areas of operational governance. - Your platform should utilize proactive policies to continuously monitor your cloud environment for vulnerabilities, as well as identify and alert you on technical, operational, and financial risks.

Posted on: 2018-12-24T12:38:03
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