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AWS Single Sign-On now enables you to optimize the duration you can access AWS accountsAWS Single Sign-On (SSO) now enables you to customize the ses


AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) with CloudFormation helps you to build your infrastructure.Infrastructure as code (IaC) makes provisioning of your


CCS Academy is happy to announce specialized DevOps training using AWS native tools. You learn all DevOps concepts like Version control, Continuous In


AWS Launches Cloud Computing In SpaceGetting satellite information back to Earth is still more troublesome than it ought to be. Satellite service p


CCS Academy's Solution Architect certification training helps you to get in-depth knowledge in Architecting and Designing Resilient Architectures, Per


AWS helping Indian businesses drive innovation via AI and ML:With a wide range of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools at it


As you start to use AWS for more and more production workloads, you'll find that your dependency on deployment services will also grow. Now for the la


Disaster recovery (DR) is about preparing for and recovering from a disaster. Any event that has a negative impact on a company’s business continuity


Serverless Computing (Do You Know series)Serverless computing is a category of cloud computing service that encapsulates two of the main selling poi

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